Center of Excellence

Running the company affects working community’s atmosphere and personnel’s motivation to work for common good. Personnel’s welfare and appreciation for their own work reflects on customers and the service they experienced.

In our service solutions, we develop interactive management, reinforce people’s strengths and brighten competence. We offer the following services custom-made for each company.

We offer also professional expertise in communications for company's continuous, temporary or projected needs.  With our solution, you do not have to recruit a communications specialist. The availability is adjusted to the capacity needed. We ensure the fluency and the quality of work.

Contact and get more information about our services: CEO Pauliina Inervo, phone +358 44 344 5677

Business Development (Consultant and Inhouse Manager)


Service contains e.g. areas, based on customer's needs:


  • Dialogic strategic planning, goal setting, progress follow-up and outcome analysis

  • Productization, service model and structure

  • Interactive Process Management

  • Lean and quality management

Human Resource Management (Consultant and Inhouse Manager)

Dialogic management, interaction and competence development are the core areas in our human resource services. We provide professional expertice both in management and leadership. Our service covers all the sections of HR:


  • Working in an executive team and support management

  • HR process development/HR Lean

  • Resourcing

  • Competence development

  • Performance management

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Employee co-operation

  • Well-being at work and development of working community

Communication services
  • We produce recent contents for company’s website and also update their social media

  • If needed, we renew the website and work on social media

  • In breaking points, we produce the needed material (e.g. Intranet and HR sheets) and content for media (e.g. press release, internet, social media)

  • We produce content in Finnish, Swedish, English and German

Contact us and get more information about our services: CEO Pauliina Inervo, phone +358 44 344 5677