Network and trim the skills of your company
With Ecosystemic Co-skilling™

Efficient learning, new practices and well-being

We help companies to full-fill the identified need for new skills and competences. With Ecosystemic Co-skilling, we increase companies’ networking and know-how of their personnel. We offer an ecosystem within which its members can share information and know-how with confidentiality both during and after the Ecosystemic Co-skilling™  process.

The Co-skillees participate in coaching alongside with their work and work an agreed period in another company to adopt the needed know-how and new practices.

We ensure both that the goals set for the process are met and the quality of the method. We take care of all the practical arrangements in co-operation with the participating companies and support the participants after the process, as well.

Interested?  Take the benefits and contact: CEO Pauliina Inervo, +358 44 344 5677

Value added for the company  

Fixing the lack of know-how and achieving the mutual goals


We help you to identifie the skills and competences needed to meet the individual and shared goals. We pick you a valid partnering company who can share with you the skills and competences needed .  


​Networking with other companies in the ecosystem


We offer you an ecosystem where networked companies can share information and exploit eachother’s know-how and procedures. Co-operation is valuable for all parties: all participants can help others with their know-how and learn from others at the same time.

                                “I accept all kinds of challenges enthusiastically”

“I feel good every time I think about my experience. I try to bring that good feeling into my work and free time. I’m significantly more brave and have more courage. I feel like I can do things I haven’t had the courage to do before."

           "We got great support and encouragement throughout the whole process."


Learning, adopting new procedures and renewal of the personnel in line with the goals of the company


​Participants in the Ecosystemic Co-skilling™ process adopt new procedures by working in another company and build up and increase their know-how.  Motivation and well-being are strengthened simultaneously.


​Accelerated learning


Ecosystemic Co-skilling™ method speeds up learning and implementation of know-how in all kinds of tasks. The participants get continuous support from us throughout the learning process.