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Trimmi Inspire - Trim your skills and get inspired!

Improve productivity with our agile service solutions

"We specialize in innovative and novel management and as a core outcome, strengthening know-how of organizations. We convey the quality of our solutions and evaluate achieved results." results.

Pauliina Inervo, Founder, CEO, Ecosystemic Trimmer

Trimmi Inspire Oy focuses on improving companies’ productivity, performance and management through participation and interaction. Our innovative method and core solution is Upskilling™ which focuses on developing and enriching human capital.


In Trimmi Inspire we offer innovative and novel service solutions to improve our customers business and to enrich the human capital of their personnel. Interactive management and experiential learning in competence development are core tools in our toolbox. We ensure the quality of our solutions and measure the outcome. We raise the strengths and potential in the spotlight and encourage to renewal.


Founded: 2016
Located: Tampere, Finland

Convey creative thinking and recognize the skills needed

Discontinuity or changes e.g. in the market situation or implementation of new technology set new requirement to ways of working. These changes require resilience and creativity of the personnel.

When teams and individuals are motivated and given the possibility to impact and develop their work, they get motivated, inspired and committed to their organization. At the same time working community recognizes the needs to learn new and is able to resolve the challenges that are caused by changing situation. When know-how increases and productivity improves, the whole company benefits from the development process.

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