Renew your skills and competences with Trim-Upskilling™

Societies and working life are currently transforming significantly, globalization and digitalization being the driving forces.  Traditional ways of learning and renewal do not meet the challenges set by the development. Trim-Upskilling™ is a solution created to meet the challenge – a solution for renewal and accelerated learning.


Trim-Upskilling™ is a goal-oriented method to meet the strategic targets of your company. We use Trim-Upskilling™ to increase the know-how of your personnel and speed up the renewal and learning. The solution consists of coaching and competence renewal acquired by working in a mentoring partner.

Via Trim-Upskilling™ process the companies can share and renew their skills and competences. The motivation, proficiency and resiliency to meet the changes increase in line with the targets of the company, and well-being at work increases simultaneously.

”The most challenging experience in my life, but also the most rewarding. I would not give this away at any price.”


Interested?  Take the benefits and contact: CEO Pauliina Inervo, +358 44 344 5677

Your company needs renewal in paradigm shifts.

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Your company can offer strong skills for another company.

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We cooperate with Aalto University to develop our Upskilling™ solution.

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What is Trim-Upskilling™?

Trim-Upskilling™ is our service, with which we accelerate the renewal and learning of both companies and individuals.

Who can take part of the Trim-Upskilling™ process?

The service is intended for companies, that are interested in developing their human capital, want to strenghten behavior towards shared goals and aim to improve their achievements and effectivity. Trim-Upskilling™ is a win-win-process for both companies participating in it.

What do we mean with the ecosystem?

Our ecosystem is a community where companies interact and network in processes that are beneficial for all parties. Both value and knowledge are created and shared with our support and tools.

Who is the Upskiller?

Trim-Upskilling™ is a process developed by Trimmi Inspire Oy. The Upskiller is a coach trained as Trim-Upskiller by Trimmi Inspire Oy. The Upskiller leads the process and is responsible for the coaching and support given for the participants both during and after the Trim-Upskilling™ process.

Who is the Upskillee?
Upskillee is a person who is named on the process by his/her company. He/she is participating in the Trim-Upskilling™ process to develop his/her skills and competences to meet the targets set by the company.

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